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Do you require a fee?

We do charge a fee for our services because we work directly for you, the executive looking for a job.  We never take a fee from the hiring company.  We will, however, advise you on ways the fee may be reimbursed by your new employer. Learn more about how we can help bring your career search to a timely and successful conclusion by contacting us today.

Do you work with executives from my industry?

Our team has experience with the following industries (not all inclusive):


Advertising Executives
Banking Executives

Business Owners
Senior Management
Educational Administrators
Engineering Management
Financial Management
Hospitality Management
Human Resource Executives
Insurance Executives
Information Technology Executives
Manufacturing Management
Marketing Executives
Medical and Health Services Managers

Oil and Gas Executive Management

Real Estate Management
Sales Management

How can you help an executive make a change?

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding executive resumes. We do not usually use just a resume as a method of introduction for most of our senior level clients. A resume speaks: “Hire me!” Or worse, it may cause an unwanted breach of your confidentiality.  Step back, and let our team identify the proper hiring authorities and then craft an alternative strategic method of formal introduction.  We will introduce you in such a way that the potential employer is given just enough information to inspire interest.  While your competition is bombarding the HR department through submitting a resume we will help you promote yourself to every person involved in the hiring process.

What does "full-service job search help" mean?

A great deal of planning goes in to the most successful of job searches.  We cannot hand you a new job.  What we can do is work to understand you and your situation, put together a personal marketing plan, then let us reach out to the employer and recruiters on your behalf.  Our team will even fill out online job applications or cold call employers, if necessary.  You cannot waste your time that could be spent networking or practicing for the interview to your dream job.  We will help you through each step of the process including your salary negotiations. 

Why is an online personality assessment required as part of the application?

We gather a huge amount of information that helps us best understand your strengths.  This helps us market the real you and find the best fit environment for your success.

How do I increase my salary?

We know from experience that most executives cannot identify at least half of their most marketable professional assets, simply because they're too close to their own situation or they are not truly aware of other professions or industries that would recognize their skills. As we identify and surface all that is most marketable about you, we can help classify skills-which, if selectively described to employers, can often make the difference when properly communicated.

Do you work with physicians?

Yes.  Our background in healthcare will help you because of our ability to understand both the medical complexities and soft skills needed to help your transition.

Why is the recruiter not finding me work?

Recruiters are usually your first contact with a potential employer. And they often decide whether your resume lands on the hiring manager's desk or not. While it's important to know the basics of what recruiters do, you also need to know what they do not do. After all, you don't want an inappropriate request to ruin your chances for an interview.  They do work for the hiring company and their own self interests.  Contact us today so we can help you craft your communication strategy.