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Professional Coach Offering Full Service Employment Search Support.  

Welcome to our Houston based full service career firm catering to future and current executives.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by having to change jobs or if you want to land your dream job then we need to meet.  Full service job help means you will have a support system to help you be successful.  We focus on career coaching, public speaking, job interview skills, and interpersonal communication methods.  We can help polish everything up and help you put your best foot forward.   

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We want to change your life for the better by helping you land your dream job.  Doing a job search, especially as an executive, can take up as much time as a second job.  Get in touch with us today and start taking control of your career with our full service job search option:

  • Personalized marketing plan

  • Resume / Cover letter creation and distribution

  • Video Resume Production

  • Market and company research

  • Online portfolio creation

  • Face-to-face recorded interview practice

  • Negotiation support

  • Administrative job search tasks

Time with your coach may include actual communication practice sessions like role playing, planning, research, and mentorship.  We will help you get polished up and activate your personal job search campaign. 


Bram is a professional speaker who has been teaching interpersonal communication, public speaking, and job interview skills since 2000.  Previously he worked as an executive specializing in recruitment and has a bachelor's degree in Public Relations with first masters in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University. His second masters degree is in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University where he is currently pursuing a Ph. D. In Human Development. 

Executive Career Coach

Bram Duffee

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Marilyn is a human behavior and communication expert who has been mentoring and teaching in areas that support self-expression such as business and interpersonal communication strategies for many different universities in the United States. In addition, Marilyn has taught in Japan at Gakushuin University and traveled extensively worldwide. Previously she worked as an executive specializing in different types of communications, marketing, public relations, online learning, film production, and new business start-up. Her bachelor’s degree is in Theatre and doctorate in Communications from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Executive Career Coach

Dr. Marilyn Bartels

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Fernando is an interdisciplinary academic who has been specializing in cognition since 2007 as a philosopher, teacher, and writer. His concentrations are in subjective wellbeing, self-determination theory, and intersubjective psychology. He earned his bachelor's degree in Existential Philosophy at the University of Houston-Downtown and attained a masters degree in Phenomenological Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark where he researched the affect of social relations on mental health.

Project Manager

Fernando Ardila

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